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There is still a lot of fun in the sun this summer, especially before the little ones go back to school.

Whether it’s a water day in the backyard or an afternoon at the beach or a rainy day with your kids stuck in the house, these eight toys are sure to keep the kids entertained ( and the not-so-young) while there is still warm weather.

Little Tikes Triple Play Splash T-Ball Set: Kill two birds with one stone and let your little one practice T-ball while getting wet. Plus, what could be more fun than dropping a floating ball out of a stream of water? $ 30 to

Pack Flybar Spark Park Extreme

Pack Flybar Spark Park Extreme: This trampoline and accessory system will keep them moving until the street lights come on. The extreme pack includes accessories such as a basketball hoop, swings and a climbing bar, as well as an 8ft trampoline. $ 1,300 to

Buzz Lightyear carrier vehicle for toddlers

Buzz Lightyear carrier vehicle for toddlers: Your little one will make a splash on Instagram when you post them rolling to infinity and beyond! $ 60 to

Table tennis Tiny Pong Solo

Table tennis Tiny Pong Solo: When no friend can come in and play and older siblings don’t want to hang out, this single player ping pong game is the perfect companion and attention keeper. $ 20 to

H2OGO!  Hydrostorm Splash Water Park

H2OGO! Hydrostorm Splash water park: Who needs a season pass when you can bring the water park to your backyard? With a climbing wall, a slide with hanging barriers, a water jet and a shallow pool, your kids will be playing all day. $ 300 to

Wicked Big Sports Balls

Wicked Big Sports Balls: Nothing better than kicking a giant ball in the garden or on the beach. With huge and soft footballs, soccer balls or volleyballs (16-18 inches in diameter), there is something for all the little sports fans. $ 15 to $ 20

Laser X Fusion Laser X Fusion Blasting Playset

Laser X Fusion Laser X Fusion Blasting Game Set: Create a fort in your living room on a rainy day and use these laser guns for an intense and unforgettable two-player laser tag game. $ 40 to

Pong Holder

Pong Holder: No room for an extra table? Secure this pong game to the top of any gate and hit the ball back and forth with an opponent. $ 25 to

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