The 10 most trendy toys for the holidays 2017

The Star Wars Black series was introduced in 2013 and has remained a big holiday favorite.

This year is hot and best selling toys seem to fall into two categories: high and low. This covers both the price range and the technology, including surprisingly low-tech.

Toy shoppers tear off shelves and get bragged about Amazon, Target and Toys r usThe best lists come from beloved movies and TV shows like “Paw Patrol” and Star wars. But they are also brands independent of any major television or movie brand and coveted by children who can’t get enough of toys.

The toys that were on our favorites list aren’t necessarily new, but have a lifespan – sometimes for years.

10 hottest toys

1. Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkeys, $ 15

Fingerlings are among the hottest toys for the 2017 holidays.

A gentle, interactive monkey for ages 5 and up who babbles, laughs and turns their heads.

2.FurReal Roarin ‘Tyler, the mischievous tiger, $ 129.97

This baby tiger responds in over 100 combinations of sounds and movements.

This baby tiger who roars and responds in over 100 combinations of sounds and movements.

3. Soggy Doggy board game, $ 19.99

Aimed at ages 4 and up, this bath time game is on many hot lists this holiday season.

Race around the plank washing a wet dog. If people get a little wet in the process, well, that’s what happens.

4. Hatchimals Pengualas, $ 59.99

Last year, these eggs that hatch into furry creatures sold out before people could get them in time for Christmas.

The interactive furry creatures that hatch from an egg contain shimmering fur. Last year there was a race on these creatures, and they sold out.

5. Droid compatible with R2-D2 app, $ 180

Sphero's R2-D2 ™ App-Enabled Droid ™ is the droid fans are looking for to recreate iconic scenes from the Star Wars ™ saga.

Kids can control the R2-D2 from a smart device or watch it waddle and move on its own. Explore environments such as the Millennium Falcon and Obi-Wan’s house. It has authentic colors, lights, and sounds, and can interact with other droids that are compatible with the Star Wars app.

6. Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower, $ 100

Kids can recreate the rescues from the Paw Patrol TV series.

For ages 3 and up, this tower is 2 1/2 feet tall and comes with flashing lights and sounds.

7. 6 inch Star Wars Black Series action figures, $ 15

This series now runs for five years, but new figures continue to be introduced and are still in high demand.

8. LOL Surprise! Dolls, various prices from $ 10 to $ 70

Anything with the LOL name is big this year, LOL Surprise! Tots Ball, for $ 10 at Big Surprise! Ball, which costs around $ 70. They are mini dolls, hidden in small spheres, hidden under stickers and accessories.

9. Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K blaster, $ 100

The nemesis shoots bullets instead of darts - and fast.

The blaster with an easy-load hopper for quick reloads has 100 rounds and is compatible with the Nerf Rival rechargeable battery.

10. Soundmoovz, $ 69.99

Children can choose from several play modes including karaoke, instrumental or robot.

This motion-activated device uses Bluetooth technology and can connect to a speaker for more powerful sound. Users can dance and move to over 400 sounds from two different groups.

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