Moose Toys Building License Program Around Magic Mixies

Moose Toys launched Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron this fall. The new interactive toy has overtaken the toymaker’s Shopkins to become the Most Profitable SKU Per Week In Moose Toys History. The response to Magic Mixies prompted the company to accelerate a global consumer product licensing program with agents in key territories as well as a strong content plan through strategic entertainment partnerships.

Magic Mixies was created to put real magic in the hands of children. Once the ingredients are mixed into the potion, press and wave the magic wand, and with the magic words MAGIC MIX: POUF! An enchanting mist rises and then dissipates to reveal a completely dry Mixie creature that makes adorable sounds, lights up, and interacts with the wand to help create spells.

“The worldwide enthusiasm for Magic Mixies has been extraordinary. We had forecast an incredibly aggressive forecast, but sales have far exceeded what we expected. We tripled our forecasts knowing that this product would strike a chord with children and their parents. Seeing the answer and facing the current challenges of maritime transport, we quickly mobilized to find a workaround, or even air freight transport to meet demand. While we would expect Magic Mixies to be available during the holiday season, given the speed of pre-orders and early sales, we expect a full sale. Magic Mixies will be the next mega-franchise to launch from a blockbuster toy, ”said Paul Solomon, co-owner of Moose Toys. “We look forward to seeing the magic our partners bring to a wide range of consumer products through our global licensing and world-class entertainment programs. “

In the month since its launch on October 1, Magic Mixies has become a favorite among kids:

  • Magic Mixies has always appeared as the # 1 best-selling toys for Amazon
  • Named on all major toy listings from major retailers including Top Rated Walmart For Kids, Target and that of Amazon Toys we love
  • Combined online and in-store retailers sold nearly 100,000 units for the week of October 17 nationwide
  • Most Profitable Weekly SKU in Moose Toys History
  • Global recognition includes top toy accolades in France, Spain and Canada

Moose Toys will launch a very robust consumer products program at Brand Licensing Europe (BLE) on November 17th. The announcement of licensing officers is coming.

“Magic Mixies is a great example of how Moose Toys continues to diversify its brand portfolio. Magic Mixes has a strong attraction for licensing. Around the world and around the world, the reception of the brand has been so positive that we have accelerated the licensing program for fall / vacation 2022, ”said Menal McGrath, vice president of global licensing, Moose Toys.

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