Meet Business & Pleasure Co. The Stylish Beach Accessories Supplier

Do you feel the cold of winter? Well, daydream a little thanks to the oh so dreamy brand of beach accessories, Business & Pleasure Co..

Founded by Australian duo Ollie Edwards and Lachlan Leckie, their company was founded on the humble beach umbrella – but they’re no ordinary beach umbrellas, they’re durable (the emphasis is on quality and crafts here) and they’re stylishly retro.

And they were such a hit, the Friends expanded the line to offer a plethora of gorgeous 50s beach essentials, from chairs (with super soft tassels) to beach tents, towels, cabanas and coolers. Of course, the color scheme is up to the task, too, so expect thin and chunky stripes in candy pink, sky blue, yellow, and navy blue. Just add the sun and the beach.

Co-founder Ollie Edwards discusses their background, their brand pillars and their first brick and mortar store in Laguna Beach.

Felicity Carter: Tell us about Business & Pleasure Co?

Ollie Edwards: Business & Pleasure Co. was born in the summer of 2017. We make high-end, beach-inspired nostalgic furniture that has been adopted by some of the world’s biggest and best home and fashion retailers including Selfridges, Harrods, Amara Living and Moda Operandi.

FC: What are your backgrounds, and what do you each bring to the brand?

OE: We’re joking that I’m the business side and Lach is the fun side of B & PCo. We are very ying / yang like that but it is certainly not that simple and Lach’s job is by no means easy!

Lachlan grew up in a very creative household, he builds all of our products from the ground up, sparing absolutely no detail, from functionality to packaging and design.

Our company began when he learned how to make umbrellas by hand in Australia after finding a supply of well-preserved Australian umbrellas from the 1980s. He was trained by Australia’s last living ‘umbrella craftsman’ (at Our knowledge !)

As for me, I have been a buyer for a large online store for many years, it has taught me a lot of skills that I use today in what we do, from collection merchandising and ease of shopping. buying for wholesalers, budgeting, forecasting and managing our amazing team course!

FC: What are your brand pillars?

OE: Design, quality, experience and service.

FC: Are there any other deals or new deals in the pipeline?

OE: We’ve already mapped out the next decade at this point! This has to be the most exciting part of the brand and definitely what makes Lach and I go there every day.

Although supported by our umbrellas, we are in luck, B & PCo. has such a great identity that translates into so many categories that make sense to both the brand and the consumer. Recently we introduced our rain umbrella, bath / robe sets, laptop sleeves and picnic tables.

Soon you will see a major expansion of our business line (beach clubs and hotels), soon after we have an exciting collection of resort wear (clothing) in the works and for kids. However, there is no launch more exciting than our Beach Cart (coming in 2022). This is not an ordinary article, it lasted for three years.

FC: What is your long term plan?

OE: We opened our first retail store this year in Laguna Beach, CA, which was a huge success.

We’re definitely planning more in key cities around the world in the future, where consumers can really experience the brand and touch / smell these premium items and see why quality matters.

We take great care in preserving our brand and ensuring that our items are timeless, where B&P can continue to exist for the long haul. With category additions to come and general expansion plans, it will certainly be a good few years to come.

FC: And finally, what is your favorite beach?

OE: When I’m away from home it’s San Fruttuoso in Portofino, Italy, with lunch at Georgio’s. When at home, it’s Watego’s, Byron Bay NSW with lunch at Rae’s.

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