How Amy Voloshin is making waves in sleepwear with her eye-catching print designs for Printfresh

The sleepwear industry is a million dollar industry, expected to reach $ 18 million in sales by 2027 according to Allied Market Research. What makes pajamas and bathrobes envious are the trendy prints many brands create, as well as the influence that surrounds sleepwear. The demand for fashionable sleepwear has increased among women. If a brand has a celebrity wearing it, or if their social media catches the attention of consumers, it is highly likely to be booming.

Amy Voloshin moved into the sleepwear space in 2017 with the launch of her brand Printfresh. “I think the pajama ‘look’ is so fun and chic! I’m a huge fan of comfortable clothing and love seeing people wearing head-to-toe designs. Ultimately, I think pajama looks are like a special type of powerful clothing – replacing the look of costumes from the past, ” said Amy.

Trained in textile design, Amy knew she could create trendy designs that women would love for their sleepwear, accessories and stationery after creating textiles for companies around the world. The company’s operations are based in Philadelphia, while production takes place in India with Printfresh partners, and where Amy travels twice a year to create new products and be inspired by new collections.

“I studied textiles at the Rhode Island School of Design and got my first job in fashion and textiles at Urban Outfitters”, she shares. “Years later, I started my own textile business creating and selling designs to fashion companies all over the world. The industry began to change, and as the opportunity began to shrink on the corporate side, I looked for ways to turn my love of patterns and fashion into a direct-to-consumer business.

Initially, Amy thought of creating for ready-to-wear, but realized that nightwear was her passion for designing, because she believes pajamas are the best vehicle for print and color. “I saw a real opportunity to bring my love of quirky patterns and bold colors to the sleepwear market. A lot of the options out there are really tough and feature typical boring floral print styles, which is why I personally have never really bought pajamas before. I was excited to bring more daring, powerful, and joyful designs to the world and to do so through organic fabrics and inclusive sizes.

Inspired by plants, animals and everything in between, Voloshin couldn’t do what she does without her manufacturing team in Jaipur, India, environmentally conscious and skilled in sewing hand-screened looks. Jaipur “home to some of the world’s most incredible hand-printing artists, ” said Amy. “Our designs include many layers of color (sometimes up to 13 colors!) And are all screen printed by hand. India has a long history of growing and weaving organic cotton, so because most of our range is made from high quality GOTS certified organic cotton poplin, India is a really good match for our particular product.

Since Printfresh is based on e-commerce, prints need to be eye-catching as the number of consumers buying online (especially in these times of pandemic) increases. Dresses from Amy and her in-house design team are grabbing the attention of consumers. “Bathrobes are incredibly stylish and make getting ready in the morning so much more fun – inserting a playful pattern into your morning routine is an incredible form of self-expression and care, ” she notes.

Even though Amy at one point thought about creating ready-to-wear but decided to go for sleepwear, I wonder if she ever thought about creating a ready-to-wear pajama line. With the pajama look being a major runway trend in recent years, since Dolce & Gabbana’s SS09 RTW fashion show filled with pajama looks, as well as Celine’s SS16 show in Paris, which featured looks inspired by silk pajamas – Not to mention Selena Gomez’s celebs, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna have all rocked the pajama trend over the years. Amy is not opposed to this but recognizes that these changes occur organically within a brand. “The lines are blurring, especially since the start of the pandemic. Athleisure has really been replaced with more sleepwear – and we wear clothes that are fun, playful and 100% acceptable to be seen when we drop the kids off at school, walk the dog, take deliveries, or check the mailbox. “, she says.

The pandemic has increased the brand’s sales for the company. “We really started as a wholesale business in our first year with hopes of expanding online, but when stores closed and orders were canceled, we really had to pivot our business in order to stay afloat. It meant learning a lot about digital marketing, which was very new to us. Today around 80% of our business is done through our website, and due to this change we have seen growth of 500% from 2019-2020 and 125% from 2020-2021. ”

Looking ahead to the rest of 2021, Printfresh is looking to add t-shirts, a first for the brand, as customers have requested the addition. Amy and her team are looking to create patterned t-shirts to match their patterned pajama pants. And in October, Amy shares that the brand will be launching flannel styles, just in time for the colder months. To keep up with Printfresh’s new designs, like their new Orange Grove Print which launched this week, visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

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