Essential accessories for AirTags: keys, wallets, bikes, etc.

Thanks to the precise and reliable tracking function, AirTag allows much more than with other key finder tools. The reason for this is the ingenious community search function, with which the tracker can be tracked almost in real time. Thanks to the fact that the position of the tags can be tracked by every iPhone user, the little gadget can also be used as a theft protection or to monitor pets or children. For this to work well in practice, you need the right accessories.

Keys, suitcase and backpack

The Apple Keyfinder even requires accessories to attach it to a keychain. While other Bluetooth trackers come with an eyelet or key ring, Apple’s model does not have a mounting option. This is not a problem, as the choice of pendants and covers to attach to a key chain, suitcase or backpack is huge.

There are fundamental differences in design and material. While many bags primarily have a securing function, other models also protect the sensitive surface of the AirTag. The use of an open or closed version is ultimately a matter of taste. The attachment option is more important. Ultimately, all mounts with a built-in key fob or small eyelet do this for a key fob or backpack. In order to attach the tag to the suitcases, the holder must have a loop.

There is also a wide variety of materials. In addition to classic leather or synthetic leather, there are pendants made of soft silicone, solid plastic or even metal. The most suitable material depends on the purpose and taste. The rule here is that the rougher the goal, the more important a stable cover is. Typically, all pendants do the same for the keychain. In the case of AirTags, which are supposed to follow a suitcase, for example, the trailer must be chosen to be so stable that it cannot come loose even when handled roughly, for example at the airport.

In the end, cheap AirTag labels also leave a useful impression. You can only see the low price of the bags in detail. For example, the seams are not as clean as with more expensive brand name products. Inexpensive synthetic leather, which unfortunately is often offered simply as leather, also wears out faster than high-quality material. The surface cracks after a few months and the colors of the sometimes brightly colored tags fade or peel off. If you don’t mind, you can get by with a budget trailer. At budget prices well below 10 euros, the trailers can also be exchanged more often. In the case of soft silicone pendants, there are no visible differences between the expensive variants and the cheap variants.


Thanks to good community research and high range, AirTags are also suitable for tracking pets. For example, the key finder helps find dogs or cats when they are hiding or are in the neighborhood.

The offer ranges from simple plastic holders to playful silicone pouches with heart and paw designs or dog collars with integrated holders. So that animals do not get tangled with the Airtag, we recommend snug fitting Airtag brackets for the collar or collars with space for the tracker instead of trailers. In order for the Airtag to survive everyday life with the four-legged friend without damage, the covers must offer full protection and ideally be waterproof.


People tracking also works with AirTags. However, this does not mean that people are located unknowingly against their will. However, beacons are well suited for checking where children hang out in the campsite or for monitoring people with dementia.

There are a number of wristbands with built-in Airtag support for this application. The tracker is then worn on the wrist like a watch. Bracelets should be adjustable in length and as comfortable as possible. Typically, they are made of a soft fabric or silicone.

Bicycle and e-bike

There are also a number of great solutions for monitoring e-bikes and bicycles. However, to be useful in the event of theft, no obvious solution should be chosen. That for 12 euros available. Silicone buckle-shaped model approximately, should be noticed quickly by any thief. He would then simply remove the Airtag from the bike and get rid of it. The Airtag can still be followed, but the bike is long on the mountains.

In order to protect the Airtag from wind and weather, the solutions should ideally be waterproof.


If you need to regularly search for your wallet, you should equip it with an air tag. This works either with a card adapter or with a special purse. As the Airtag is not particularly flat, we find the second solution much more suitable for everyday use. If in doubt, a printable medium, which is attached to the existing wallet, also works, but the solution doesn’t look fancy.

In our private life, we have relied on an i-Clip card holder for some time. And this is now swapped out for the model with built-in Airtag support. Of i-Clip for AirTag is not cheap at 50 euros, but the good workmanship and, according to experience, the long shelf life justify the investment.


If you regularly have to look for sunglasses or reading glasses in place of your wallet, you can also rely on Apple’s tracker here. For the binding to work, however, a goggle strap is needed, into which the Airtag is inserted. This is where it comes in Nomad Airtag glasses bracelet for just under 30 euros.


There are countless other everyday items or gadgets that can be tracked through Airtag. From their own experience, key finders help, for example, to search for crashed remotes, headphones or racing drones.

Self-adhesive silicone holders or holders with an integrated magnet are suitable for attaching labels. Product specific supports are also available. Schick is the solution for them Apple Airpods and Airpods Pro.


The Apple AirTag is a great tracker with many uses. However, in order for the tracking to work properly and for the key finder to be safely stowed away, you need the right accessories.

Experience has shown that it is worth investing a little more because of the better quality of processing. If you buy a very inexpensive mount, you should regularly check that it is not damaged so that the tracking device does not fall off at some point.

Those who don’t necessarily have to trust Apple’s model can also get some very reliable Bluetooth dongle finders from other manufacturers. Due to their insufficient community search, they are not suitable for live tracking applications. If you want to know where your bike or e-bike is going, you should definitely use the AirTag (test report). In order to find the remote control or the bunch of keys in your four walls, the other trackers do the same. More information on this in our thematic world of Bluetooth key finder.

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