Blanket coats: wrap yourself in this winter’s It outerwear

All of a sudden, it happened: autumn has arrived. Expect daily commutes accompanied by pouring rain, high winds, and a sunset far too early at 4:30 p.m. But don’t let that get you down – wrap yourself in some down instead.

In an unlikely Met Gala moment, A $ AP Rocky demonstrated the solution to our impending gloom when he stepped out on the red carpet last month (arm in arm with girlfriend Rihanna), bundled up in a quilt. It looked like it had been ripped from Grandma’s bed, and it turns out it (sort of) was. The giant puff blanket of mixed red, yellow and green flowers was picked up by California designer Eli Russell Linnetz from a thrift store in LA and used for the finale of his SS22 ERL collection.

“It was faded, squashed in places and carried authentic energy,” says Zak Foster, the Brooklyn-based craftsman who custom made the tartan patchwork lining inside the Reversible Rocky Show. “It made a room more striking because the vintage quilt has lived a lifetime. ”

The great-granddaughter of the woman who made the original quilt confirmed its provenance with a photo of it as bedding: “Looks like great-grandmother Mary went to the Met Gala with A $ AP, ”Instagram user @books_n_babies wrote below.

The singer is the latest member of the bedtime and high fashion crowd. In Marc Jacob’s AW21 collection, the large down jackets that all lockdown walkers wore last winter have been revisited with ultra-soft rugs laid like shawls. Cottage-style quilted coats came out with a bang in Sea New York’s latest collection, while Ports 1961 sent chunky knitted versions in teal blue, with tufted rug details for the ultimate enveloping effect. Even in Gabriela Hearst’s Chloe debut, rugs met ponchos for ultimate body coverage. Yes, there is still hope that being snug can still be chic.

Marc Jacobs FW21

/ Marc Jacobs

On the SS22 Milan runway last week, the Moncler coat king said to stay warm and take a size up. Designer Yeezy Ding Yun Zhang is behind one of the Italian brand’s Genius collaborative collections and has taught how far you can push proportions. He showed off huge neon green, brown and black duvet coats, layered with cutout holes (okay, that was more of a statement than protection from the cold).

“While that sounds extreme,” says Zhang, who also made puffy outerwear for his 2020 Central Saint Martins MA collection, “in my research into the harsh environmental conditions for humans and creatures, these shapes are really necessary to protect themselves from the environment “.


/ Chloe

Ultimately, feeling consoled is the goal when choosing this all-consuming cloak. “There is a saying in Sweden that says ‘there is no bad weather, only bad clothes’,” says Linnea Dunne, author of Lagom: The Swedish Art of Balanced Living which unboxes the Scandinavian concept of find contentment in practice. “Find a large, fluffy duvet coat that feels a bit like a hug,” she says. “It can skyrocket not only your comfort level, but happiness as well.”

On Main Street, you’ll find cozy blankets at COS, Anthropologie and ASOS (look for her Fringed Plaid Helene Berman coat – a chic, comfortable and affordable option, for £ 150).

New York Sea


And, truly, if anything can add an ounce of joy to the gloomy mornings and evenings looming on the horizon past hanging out towards the North Line, now is the time to stock up. “With everything going on in the world, there are days when we don’t even want to get out of bed,” says Foster, the A $ AP Rocky quilt maker. “On these days, why not take your bed with you? He scores a point.

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