Black Friday Deals on Kids Toys from Amazon, Walmart, Target and More

CHICAGO (WLS) – Black Friday is here and there are plenty of hot toys you’ll want to snag while you still can.

Counting basket and scanner (Leapfrog)

-Features play food, shopping lists and an interactive scanner that recognizes each piece of food.
-Children carry the basket or lay it out in a rolling basket.
– Shop the rainbow with eight play foods in a variety of food groups, colors, shapes and numbers.
– Fish, carrots, strawberries, cakes, bread, broccoli and grapes show off their silly personalities with unique music and phrases when scanned. Ready for a vegetarian dance? Let’s go “brocc” and roll!
– Scan foods on shopping lists to play activities like Food Group Feast and Shapes of the Day to hear uplifting phrases and songs.
– Three interactive game modes enhance learning. In Learn mode, scan a food to find its name, color and the number printed on it. Enter count mode to follow the scanner instructions to scan food up to ten times. Ready to play a game? The scanner gives clues to foods by name, number, color and shape in Game mode.
– The game pieces are placed in the basket.
– Ages: 2+
-PDSF: $ 34.99
– Available: Walmart, Target, Amazon

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Disney Jr. Mickey Mouse Funhouse Wacky Wheeler Dump Truck (Just Play)

-Kids can have fun with the Mickey Mouse Funhouse Wacky Wheeler Dump Truck!
-This motorized dump truck features Mickey Mouse in the driver’s seat (non-removable) and oversized dumpster and wheels.
-Kids will love watching Mickey Mouse show off his amazing stunts!
-Press the buttons on the top of the truck and watch Mickey Mouse move forward, backward, turn and antics.
-Children can fill the dumpster with bricks and empty the load before their next wacky transport. They can even create a construction site or build their own obstacle course!
-The dump truck has lights and sounds, and can do even the biggest jobs a little one can imagine.
-When recess is over, kids can put the bricks and safety cones inside the dumpster until Mickey Mouse’s next job.
-Includes a dump truck, three safety cones and six bricks.
-Requires four AA batteries (included).
– Ages: 3+
-PDSF: $ 49.99
-Available: Walmart

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Mane Beauty Stardust Styling Head (Breyer)

-This styling head brings together unicorns and hair game!
-The glamorous Stardust unicorn is ready for kids to practice their magic as its silky, tangle-free mane makes hair play easy and fun.
-Kids can braid and decorate her shimmering locks, then complete her fairytale look with reusable gem stickers.
-Ages: 4+
-PDSF: $ 29.99
-Available: Amazon, Tractor Supply, Specialty Retailers,

Toniebox (Tonies)
-This system fosters independent play, imagination and storytelling through a screenless digital audio system, collectible figures and a large and diverse range of audio content.
-Place a Tonie figure on the Toniebox to hear her story, songs, and more.

-The Toniebox features a sumptuous exterior, 7 hours of battery life and ample storage space.
– Include stories, music, educational and craft sounds
-Download your own audio files to Creative Tonies and listen to stories and songs of kids’ favorite characters with licensed Tonies.
-Ages: 3+
-PDSF: $ 99.99 (starter set that includes Toniebox + a Creative Tonie), $ 14.99 each for Content Tonie, $ 11.99 for Creative Tonie
-Available: Barnes & Noble,, Amazon, specialty stores

Nickelodeon Metal Mixing Studio (Cra-Z-Art)

-Kids mix and make their own super metallic slime!
-Includes everything they need to make slime with less damage.
-Add dyes, glitter, confetti, beads and more – and spin!
-It’s super shiny slime! Even the Slime Mixer is metallic.
-Ages: 6+
-PDSF: $ 24.99
-Available: Walmart, Target

Create + Essentials Pen Set

-The latest version of the world’s first 3D printing pen!
-Now with dual feed technology, the all-new Create + is redesigned to provide teens with an ultra-smooth and enhanced doodling experience.
-Creating and learning with 3Doodler has never been so easy and accessible to learners.
-This open and go toolkit was designed to be an extension of the classroom.
-Teens will use their imaginations to test and explore different ways of solving a problem, introducing them to the technical design process while advancing learning and engagement.
-Features include dual drive technology for increased durability and better control and more
reliable performance with different types of plastic including ABS, PLA, FLEXY and wood.
-Extrudes heated plastic that hardens almost instantly so teens can draw 3D structures, freehand or on stencils.
-Non-toxic plastic refills are made in the USA to ensure the highest quality possible.
-Ages: 14+
-PDSF: $ 79.99
-Available: Amazon, Best Buy,,

Fill in the blanks (What Do You Meme)

-Fill in the Blanks is the new family board game where kids compete to create the funniest story to complete.
-Kids can let their imaginations run wild – paper, crayons and story cards are included so they have everything they need to be creative (and competitive!) At the next game night with family.
-Players spin around drawing a quiz card while the rest of the group compete to guess which answer is correct.
-Once everyone has guessed, the judge reveals the correct answer and gives a point to those who have chosen correctly
-Ages: 8+

-PDSF: $ 19.99
-Available: Amazon,, Walmart in store and

Ghosted (Big G Creative)

-Players are ghosts whose restless spirits will not calm down until they resolve their own demise in the afterlife.
-Identify which suspect is the killer, the wacky weapon he used and the motive for the murder.
-Includes 36 cards featuring original artwork (12 suspicious cards, 12 pattern cards, and 12 weapon cards), six evidence panels, six dry-erase markers, six tokens and a dice.
-Ages: 10+
-PDSF: $ 19.99
-Available: Target

Thrown in the trash (winning moves games)

-Be careful not to get corrupted in this card game, inspired by the old favorite Garbage!
-The object of this game is to line up the cards in the correct order from 1 to 10 while avoiding the terrible Trashed card. Other custom maps include Wild and Stop maps to spice up matches between two to four players.
-One set includes custom 56-card deck, plastic trash card holder, and illustrated instructions.
-Ages: 8+
-PDSF: $ 6.95

Wubble Rumblers Marvel Avengers and Spider-Man (NSI International)

-Be a superhero who saves the universe! Kids fight and defend the universe Marvel-style with the Wubble Rumblers.
-Made from a spongy, squashy, super soft and light material, these are the ultimate accessories for playing combat!
-Kids will have hours of fun with these larger-than-life superheroes as they see which Wubble Rumbler has the most superhuman strength and speed.
-Five different superheroes are each sold separately: Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and The Hulk.
-Ages: 6+
-PDSF: $ 14.99
-Available: Target

Koosh Sharp Shot (Playmonster)

-Koosh Sharp Shot is a brand new innovative electronic game with lights and sounds.
-This interactive target game tests the goal of children with three play modes.
-Choose from Target Toss, Criss Cross, or Lightning Flash game modes for single player or multiplayer fun.
-Using the included Koosh launchers and shooters, aim and shoot at all five illuminated target areas as instructed. The target stands upright or can be hung on a door for versatile play.
-Ages: 6+
-PDSF: $ 29.99
-Available: Target

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