Best discounts on vacuum cleaners and accessories

Dyson consistently produces the most innovative and best-selling hair vacuum cleaners and tools on the market. The brand’s offerings include high-performance motors, cyclone chambers, anti-allergenic filtration systems and all kinds of forward-looking advanced technologies, but the downside? This technology is not cheap. The antidote is Dyson Black Friday Sale, which goes on all weekend (or until everything is sold out, which is very likely when out of stock).

Until November 27, you’ll be able to save up to $ 200 on a variety of models, including the V10 Absolute, Oversized and Absolute V8. Dyson is also adding special gift editions to items not included in the Black Friday sale like the Corrale. And while the savings will continue after November 27 and through December, don’t count on the deals to be as good as they are now. If Dyson is on your wishlist for the holidays, now is the best time to buy. Add it to your cart now, before the offer expires or goes out of stock.

Ready to save? Here are the best Dyson Black Friday deals you can get right now.

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Best Dyson Black Friday deals

Save $ 50 on the Dyson V8 Absolute

The Dyson V8 Absolute is built on Dyson’s two-stage radial cyclone motor which has up to 115 AW of suction power. Weighing less than six pounds and providing 40 minutes of run time on a charge, you also get a host of accessories worth an additional $ 75, like a direct-drive cleaning head, soft roller head, mini -power tool, a combined tool and a crevice tool. Right now, it’s down $ 50.

Save $ 50 on the Dyson V10 Absolute

The V10 Absolute is a big step forward compared to the V8 Absolute: its 14 concentric cyclones generate 151 AW, or around 30% more suction power than the V8. You also get an hour of battery life in a package weighing less than six pounds. But you still get the impressive selection of Absolute accessories, including torque drive and soft roller heads, a combo tool and crevice tool, a power mini tool and more.

Save $ 120 on the Dyson Humidify + Cool Purifier

Dyson combines an air purifier, humidifier, and room fan in one floor-standing device and slashed it by $ 120 for Black Friday. It is HEPA certified, which means it can trap 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles. The purifier can also detect, measure and diagnose pollutants in the air and display information on the built-in LCD screen. UV light also purifies the water in the humidifier before it gets humidified. Everything can be controlled from your phone by voice or via a mobile application.

Save $ 100 on the Dyson Lightcycle

The Dyson Lightcycle is more than just a desk lamp. It works in tandem with a companion app, automatically adjusting its settings based on a range of factors – the natural daylight in your area, the task you are working on, your daily schedule and your circadian rhythm, and your age – it works in tandem with a companion app. allowing to constantly give off the ideal lighting to reduce eye strain and optimize productivity and sleep. The height-adjustable lamp has a convenient motion sensor function, which turns on when you’re nearby and turns off after five minutes away.

Best Dyson Black Friday deals at other retailers

Save $ 200 on a Dyson Outsize – it’s already sold out at Dyson

For anyone who thought that a stick vacuum wasn’t enough vacuum for their home, the Outsize has a massive half-gallon, 220 AWD trash can vacuum thanks to no less than 18n cyclones. It weighs eight pounds, but runs for two hours on a charge. Dyson includes 10 accessories and it’s already sold out on the Dyson website, so get it for $ 200 off at Best Buy while it lasts.

Save $ 100 on a Dyson Air Tower Fan

This is a Dyson product, so of course it’s bladeless – it sucks air in and blows it out through the futuristic oval without any moving parts that could harm small children’s or animal body parts. domestic workers. It’s quiet – 75% quieter than the older model AM01 – and purifies the air in a room up to about 300 square feet with a HEPA filter. BB&B cut $ 100 for Black Friday.

Save $ 235 on a Refurbished Dyson Ball Animal Pro

Dyson no longer sells its Ball Animal Pro, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t find it at Walmart and save a bundle in the process. Please note: this is a reconditioned model. But the 30-day free return policy means you have time to make sure it’s working flawlessly. The “animal” in the name means that it is designed to fight animal hair. You get HEPA filtration throughout the machine, an automatically adjustable cleaning head and a telescopic arm for a comfortable vacuum.

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