How to pay back your mortgage loan without fees?

With the entry into force of the Mortgage Act, the conditions for calculating fees for early mortgage repayment changed. In the case of loans with a variable interest rate, after 3 years of regular repayment, banks may not charge fees for early repayment.

However, if we decide to pay off the mortgage before this date, then we have to take into account the additional cost of a maximum of 3% of the repaid amount.

Pay off the mortgage

Pay off the mortgage

The situation is different for borrowers who have debt with a fixed interest rate. In their case, the full repayment of the mortgage is no longer as profitable. The bank will have the right to charge a fee for early repayment throughout the duration of the loan, in which the so-called fixed interest rate.

Early repayment of the mortgage – check the commission in the best banks


We have prepared for you a list of the most interesting bank offers in Poland. Check what commission is charged on earlier total repayment or partial repayment. The indicated interest rate applies to the first statutory period of 3 years from the date of loan disbursement.

Mortgage repayment


A sudden injection of extra cash often opens up a list of needs that we didn’t know existed. In this case, it is difficult to approach the subject realistically and set a goal to pay off the mortgage earlier. If you are in such a situation, then check the benefits of full mortgage repayment:

● significant cost reduction – imagine that suddenly you have several hundred or even several thousand zlotys more in your budget. You can spend them on any purpose or simply put them on the deposit or savings account. By the way, you can opt-out of additional financial products such as a card or account that you used to repay the loan.

● improved creditworthiness – the full repayment of your current liability increases your chance of getting another loan on often more favorable terms than before.

● in the end, you live on your own – with the repayment of the mortgage, the bank ceases to be the owner of your apartment. This means that in the future, if necessary, your property can be used as collateral for e.g. another mortgage.

● significant improvement in mental comfort – you no longer have to worry about having many years of repayment of a large mortgage and if something unexpected happens in your life, you won’t be able to pay it back.

Early repayment of the mortgage makes the most sense after the end of the mandatory payment period.


However, if you want to do it earlier, be sure to check whether the cost of interest for the first contract period will not be lower than the cost associated with the commission for early repayment. If so, it is worth pausing this decision until the end of the statutory period.

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